Rebecca Malcolm is a game developer and programmer, with almost 1 year industry experience working in data engineering at WB Games Boston and 2 years of experience developing games. She is a rising senior at Northeastern University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a Game Design minor and is most interested in game mechanics and rendering.

Sleepy Jeoff

A 2.5D click-and-drag-furniture pinball-esque game where you guide your sleepwalking buddy Jeoff back to bed! This was a submission for Global Game Jam 2019. My role as lead programmer:

  • Developed the movement script for Jeoff, the pets, and roomba. We didn't have turn animations, so I programmatically rotated the models whenever they collided with something.
  • Implemented all art and music assets into Unity. The artists were able to guide me through setting up the 3D textures.

I spent a lot of time browsing forums and learning about the Unity physics engine. This is the first game I ever programmed.

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Queen of Swords

Princess Boof can party hard but now it's time to make the trek back home, using various not-swords for self-defense. Submitted to the GameMaker's ToolKit Game Jam 2019.

  • Created the fade in and fade out animations for scene transitions using a script and the Unity animation tools. They're attached to an object prefab for easy reuse.
  • Programmed the player death screen to remember which level and weapon the player died on. The splash screen displays a message unique to the weapon.

Currently this project is undergoing some level re-design and bug fixing.

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Leggy Boi

Our friendly cryptid, the Fresno nightcrawler, dreams of being a CCTV film star. They just can't let anyone see them in person! Started during Cryptid Jam 2019. Currently in development.

  • Created the player controller and used the Unity animation tools to animate CCTV cameras. Their radius fades in and out, turning green once they see the player.
  • Designed a small level for a first prototype. I created temporary tile assets to practice using the Tile Map tools in Unity.

This is my current pet project. My only collaborator is a sound designer.

This Is Supposed To Be A Square

Have you ever wanted to see a tesseract aka a hypercube aka the 4D equivalent of a square projected into VR? Great! Because we did that for Hack(Her)413 2019. As lead programmer:

  • Developed the back-end representation of the tesseract in Unity, building the geometry vertex by vertex and projecting it into a 3D environment with Matrix4x4 calculations.
  • Mentored team members who were using Unity for the first time, including 2 first-time hackers with no coding experience.
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